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By cutting out the middle man (translation agencies) you can keep the costs down while sacrificing close to nothing. You can often save as much as 30 to 50%. The only reason to employ an agency is when you have larger volumes or tighter deadlines than one sole translator can handle. Though even here there are some cons to employing the services of an agency.


Having one translator rather than many ensures more consistent translations. Unlike with agencies, you'll also have direct contact with the translator rather than with a project manager. This allows for faster and better communication with less room for misunderstandings. You'll also avoid the risk of the agency hiring cheap, unqualified translators in order to maximize their profit margin. If the volumes are too big or the deadline too tight, I have trusted colleagues I can contact to help accommodate for such volumes.


If revisions need to be made, you'll be in direct contact with the language professional who can give you the pros and cons of different terms and wording. This ensures quick and efficient communication which keeps the revision process smooth and not as time consuming as if you had to go through a project manager for each query or round of revisions.

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